District 201W1, Western Australia, Australia.


Lions is a community service organisation! People join Lions because they want to user their intellect, creativity, commitment and enthusiasm to get things done.

100th Anniversary Celebrations

Children of Courage

Kalgoorlie Lions participate in the Lions Children of Courage Awards programme which recognises the achievements of young people in the community with special needs.

It is definitely not a competition!  Every recipient of an award is a “winner” in his or her own right, as the recognition of these young people’s achievements will:

All children want to be accepted by others, regardless of any special needs they may have. These awards will portray them as children who have successfully overcome additional barriers which face them in this world.

Each year the children who are to receive an award, together with their families, are invited to attend a presentation.

As each child is called forward for the presentation, a short summary of the reasons for the presentation and eligibility for the award is read. The recipient of the award then receives a plaque detailing the category under which the award is made.


Youth of the Year

Kalgoorlie Lions also participate in the Lions Youth of the Year programme which is aimed at all young people who seek to improve their skills before entering the workforce or other endeavours.

 Lions Youth of the Year is designed to encourage, foster and develop leadership in conjunction with other citizenship qualities in our youth, at the age when they are about to enter the fields of employment or higher education, and provides students with the incentive to pay greater attention to the general qualities, so vital in developing our youths into first class citizens. The qualities sought, apart from academic attainments are those of leadership, personality, sportsmanship, public speaking and good citizenship. The students meet in fellowship and have the opportunity of open discussion, exchange of ideas and meet professional people of a community service Club organisation.

Youth of the Year is designed to encourage student interest in leadership and the qualities required to take an active and constructive role in the community. A high level of academic, leadership, sporting, public speaking and citizenship achievement is sought in its potential winners. By emphasising these qualities it hopes to provide outstanding role models for the youth of Australia and an overall increase in the confidence of young men and women.

Lions Youth of the Year is an excellent means of assisting Australia’s youth and promoting the essential role of leadership development and community service organisations in maintaining Australia’s high standard of living.

 The main activities involved in the running of Lions Youth of the Year include initial promotion in schools and local communities; judging of candidates; selection and announcement of the national winner; arrangements for the winner's overseas travel and attendance at an International Youth Camp and other finalists travel throughout Australia.

           Congratulations to our 2016 Youth of the Year girls Jenny and Geraldine